webInAAr: Travel and Tourism Marketing: What lies ahead?

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10.06.2020 11:00 bis 12:00 Uhr


Travel and Tourism Marketing: What lies ahead?

The impacts of the pandemic are massive for the tourism industry and there are no rules or playbook to prepare for the future post covid-19.
What actions should the tourism sector take today from a marketing and communications perspective? What’s the right tone, the right message and the right voice for the different markets to tell the stories? And when is the right time to start advertising again?

Wednesday June 10th IAA’s webInAAr will embark on this topic.

Our host Alberto Dal Sasso, Managing Director Nielsen and President of IAA Italy, will talk to a panel of experts about the ways in which the tourism industry can adapt.

Our panelists are:

  • Simon Betts, Director UK & USA RTL Ad Connect, (Media)
  • Ana Henriques, Manager Branding & Campaign TUI (Travel agency)
  • Pascal Jenny, Director Arosa Tourismus (holiday destination in Switzerland)
  • Markus Mazuran, Managing Partner Wien Nord Serviceplan (advertising agency)

Departure Someday Soon

There’s a world post covid-19, when people will travel again. But what’s the marketers role and responsibility in advertising today? And how can a travel brand position itself in this time from globalisation to localisation? Join our panel and learn from these experts how to restart the engine of the tourism industry.




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