Blockchain technology, crypto assets and NFTs

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Riffraff Kino 1 / Bar
Neugasse 57

30.09.2021 11:30 bis 14:00 Uhr


How will Blockchain change the world? What are crypto assets and NFTs?
Join the Luncheon of the IAA Young Professionals on September 30th! We have Owen McCall on our stage. He’s a marketing and business development professional and specialized in the FinTech and Blockchain industry.

„In a now-famous 1994 clip from the Today show, Bryant Gumbel asks his fellow hosts, “What is internet, anyway?” They fumble through various answers before a technician behind the camera explains. The hosts still appear confused.

The current crypto discourse feels similar, with everyone jumping to enlighten everyone else, even when they themselves might not fully grasp it. Most eyes glaze at the first mention of “blockchain.” Crypto has already minted entire industries—and whole new ways of getting rich—while most people still can’t tell a token from a Pokémon. There’s Bitcoin and Ethereum and Dogecoin and SafeMoon and Chainlink and Solana and Polkadot and Polygon and Cardano and and and …“ (Christopher Beam, Bloomberg Businessweek).

Our speaker Owen McCall will shed some light on the topic with his talk:

A primer on blockchain technology, crypto assets and NFTs, with a focus on business applications and implications for marketing and communications.

About the speaker

Owen McCall is a marketing and business development professional specializing in the FinTech and Blockchain industry.

He is a contributor to international crypto and trade finance publications, a serial presenter at global blockchain events, and the creator and host of his own video podcast series with guests such as Roger Ver (, Larry Sanger (Wikipedia), and the late John McAfee (Mcafee antivirus).

Owen is a University of St. Gallen alumnus and has spent the last 7 years living and working between Zurich and Zug.


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