Its Mission

The International Advertising Association is the one global organization committed to fight unwarranted regulation on behalf of all enterprises engaged in responsible commercial communications and to act as an advocate for freedom of choice across all consumer and business markets. This requires a rigorous and continuing program:

  • to champion freedom of choice for consumers around the world;
  • to insulate current marketing investments from restrictions, which would reduce a company’s freedom to allocate sufficient funds necessary to make commercial communication’s cost effective;
  • to insure brand builders’ have the freedom to invest in new product categories as they develop in the future.

Such restrictions could create economic hardship by:

  • depriving individuals of useful information.
  • inhibiting competition among companies;
  • eliminating jobs in a variety of industries;
  • reducing the absolute size of investment in marketing communications.

The IAA actions take an added significance when advertising revenues are factored in as the financial source of an independent, pluralistic, affordable media with competing channels of information which ensures that individuals have choices, the kinetic energy of a free market society.

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