Its Goals

The common interest which unites the IAA’s separate constituencies is: all are active participants in the process of turning companies/products/services into successful and socially responsible brands.

From the mission statement, the following goals have been set for each of the IAA’s constituencies:


For Corporate Members

(open to all enterprises involved in the branding):

  • to attack barriers to free commercial communications and independent media where they exist, and defend the freedoms already in place.
  • to champion the economic and social value of commercial communications among thought-leaders and the public.
  • to raise the professional standards and promulgate the latest processes among communications’ practitioners.
  • to attract and develop outstanding young talent for the industry from countries around the world.


In addition, for Chapters (15 or more members) and Individual members

(open to communications practitioners and academics)  

  • to provide the focus for development of IAA (15 or more members) and Chapters’ strategic positioning;
  • to set the foundation on which Chapters can build programs and events;
  • to develop all aspects of the Forum, which will provide ongoing education and networking opportunities for individual members.



The IAA is the sum of its members’ character and expertise. They are brand builders who aim to succeed. Their collective action will shape the IAA’s reputation, with its aim of being widely acclaimed as the champion for the freedom of responsible commercial communication, while its members are admired for their professional insights, innovation and leadership.

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