Mission Statement

What it is

A Global and Grass Roots Partnership
Among Successful Brand Builders

The International Advertising Association has grown from a tripartite organization (advertisers, agencies, media) into a one-of-a-kind strategic partnership which champions the common interests of all enterprises involved in the branding process. The IAA has become a brand champion because all aspects of responsible commercial communications which contribute to a brands’ reputation need the freedom to flourish without unwarranted restrictions.

Now, the IAA draws its members on a local, regional or global scale from enterprises and individuals who are committed to brand building, and value commercial communications as vital to the success of their business.

  • advertisers
  • advertising agencies
  • media companies
  • corporate communications
  • marketing research companies
  • package/label design studios
  • sales promotion
  • public relations
  • interactive marketers and agencies
  • direct marketers

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